Hear from Our Satisfied Patients

Learn how chiropractic care has changed their lives.


Hear from Our Satisfied Patients

Learn how chiropractic care has transformed their lives.

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Expert care for creating a healthy life.

Katya A.

I began chiropractic care because I was suffering from bad back pain, migraines, insomnia and numbness in my arms and hands.  When things were at their worst I had an extremely hard time living a “normal life” and it became a real struggle.  A busy working mom like me can’t afford to be in pain.  I tried another chiropractor about 10 years ago without much improvement, so I was very skeptical about trying it again.  I found out about New Life Chiropractic at the home show and started care.  After a short while it became clear that Dr. Chrissy’s magic hands would help.

I am happy to say that since beginning care my migraines are a lot less frequent, I very rarely have insomnia and the numbness in my arms and hands has completely disappeared!  I always look forward to my weekly adjustments and love the special attention that my family receives.

I have enjoyed care so much that I have referred in my husband, daughters and even my mother-in-law.

Allyson D.

I began chiropractic care because a sonogram detected that my baby was breach. I was told that I would to have to have a C-section.  I did some research online at www. AmericanPregnancy.Org and discovered that Dr. Chrissy was certified in a technique to help moms in my situation.  I have never been to a chiropractor and honestly thought that it was only for people in pain…………..boy was I wrong.

After being under her care for 2 short weeks and receiving only a few adjustments, I went back for another sonogram and found that the baby had turned into the proper position.

I was truly unsure of the benefits of chiropractic care (especially during pregnancy), but Dr. Chrissy made me feel very comfortable and showed the amazing benefits of not only turning my breech baby, but also on taking care of the alignment of my spine in preparation for birth.

I am so happy with my results and plan on sticking with my care until the arrival of my baby!

Howard W.

I began chiropractic care because my back and neck felt out of position. I had been experiencing this for about 3-4 months and, when things were at their worst, it was difficult for me to walk. In fact, my back and knees felt very strained even when I did a simple task, like walking my dog in the morning.

I had never been to a chiropractor before but I was motivated to get well, so I decided to give it a try.

I am happy to report that the “strained” feeling in my back and knees greatly dissipated only a few short weeks into treatment.  Because of this I have been able to resume my normal daily tasks and, I have even started exercising again for the first time in years.

The hands-on care I have received at this office has been excellent. This office truly offers excellent care in an excellent environment.

Amanda A.

I started going to Dr. Chrissy because I was experiencing neck pain from a reoccurring injury. In addition to my neck pain I have suffered from allergy and sinus problems for the last 20 years. I have never been to a chiropractor before and was reluctant to start because I was afraid of the “cracking”. The pain became such a hindrance to my normal life; I finally decided that I needed to do something. A friend told me about Dr. Chrissy’s no “crack” approach and I called to start care shortly after.

After only a few short months of being adjusted my neck pain has decreased and, I’m happy to say, that I no longer endure the everyday struggles with my allergies and sinuses.

Although my initial purpose of care was to alleviate pain, the outcomes have awarded me the additional benefits of an allergy-free life!

Amy A.

I began chiropractic care because I wanted to relieve minor neck and lower back pain, but more importantly, to maintain my good health.  I had been experiencing these symptoms on and off over the past few years since the birth of my son.  When it was at its worst it became very annoying because I just couldn’t get comfortable. I tried massage to help, but, although it felt good, it never fully corrected the problem.

Since beginning chiropractic care I feel so much better. My neck and lower back are much more stable, I am in tune with my posture and, strangely, I don’t get sick as  often. I absolutely love being a patient here because I know that if something doesn’t seem “just right” it will be fixed.

The Drs’ and staff are friendly and welcoming and do a great job of explaining why things are happening and the treatment needed to correct them.

Butler Family

My family and I started chiropractic care because my daughter, Kali, was suffering with severe asthma and allergies.  She had been suffering for close to 3 years and, when things were at their worst, was taking allergy meds and using a nebulizer.

It broke my heart as a mother to watch my child suffer.  Seeing her gasping for air and constantly rubbing her eyes was the worst!

I hated giving her the medication because it made her feel “yucky” and it did nothing to fix the problem.

I had never considered chiropractic care for Kali because I thought it had nothing to do with allergies…..boy was I wrong.  Since being under care Kali has not taken any medication for her allergies, her breathing problems have disappeared and she is so much healthier.  After watching her improve, I decided to have the whole family start care.  We are so much healthier, happier and more vibrant and, best of all, we don’t get sick

during the year like we used to!

We love chiropractic!!

Amy and Calvin S.

When my son Calvin and I first began chiropractic care, we both had been suffering from severe allergies and asthma.  I had been experiencing these symptoms most of my life.  Calvin started to have breathing problems early in his life. He was also experiencing frequent earaches, excema, and colic.  He was put on a nebulizer for his asthma, and that really scared me.  I was taking either Singulair, Claritin, Allegra or Reactin every day.  I had to rotate them, or they didn’t work for me.  I was also using an inhaler when I had an asthma attack.  In addition to all of that, I had allergy shots every year.  I was at the point that I was so sick of taking drugs every day and giving them to my son when I met Dr. Chrissy.

I never knew too much about chiropractic, and what I did hear frightened me.  I was scared that it would hurt, or that I would have to go forever.  I am so glad I decided to try it.  Almost immediately, all of my symptoms disappeared!  I didn’t need to use any medication, or my inhaler, which amazed me.  I noticed that I was sleeping better and was much more productive at work.  It worked so well for me that I decided to bring Calvin.  Dr. Chrissy assured me that adjustments for babies were nothing like adjustments for adults.  He responded just as quickly as I did!  I took him off of the nebulizer, and he was breathing a lot better, which was such a relief.  In fact, since Cal and I have been under chiropractic care (almost 2 years now), neither one of us has needed to go to the doctor for anything but a check up!

I am very satisfied with the care that my son and I have received here at New Life Chiropractic.  We both look forward to getting adjusted every week now.  I understand that chiropractic is a lifestyle and a new way of looking at health and symptoms, and I am so glad that I have this new way of thinking!