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  • Instagram’s Dancing Nana

    On Instagram she’s known as the dancing nana. Whether she’s doing the tush push at a family wedding or tap dancing at a local restaurant or community event, Shirley Goodman never stops moving.  Keep Moving At 100 years old, she still enjoys twirling on the dance floor. Shirley started dancing when she was eight years … Instagram’s Dancing Nana Read More » The post Instagram’s Dancing Nana appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • Let’s Enjoy Life Together

    María Branyas Morera lived through two world wars, the Spanish civil war, the 1918 flu pandemic, and Covid. She made headlines shortly after her 113th birthday as one of the world’s oldest Covid survivors. Now, after the passing of 118-year-old Lucille Randon, María has been recognized as the oldest person alive. In an interview where … Let’s Enjoy Life Together Read More » The post Let’s Enjoy Life Together appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • 100 Harvests and Counting

    Earl Mallinger has been involved in harvests since the age of 3 or 4. That puts him at 100 harvests and counting. Earl is 105, and still farming sugarbeets in Oslo, Minnesota. By the way, he’s also Oslo’s oldest and longest resident. Earl was born in 1917. That was the same year his father, an … 100 Harvests and Counting Read More » The post 100 Harvests and Counting appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • Dancing Through Life

    Eileen Kramer has been dancing through life for 108 years now…and counting. This Australian dancer and “all-around creative powerhouse” began dancing 90 years ago. Still, today, she finds no difficulty in doing daily movement exercises. These exercises involve shifting her body weight, turning, stretching, and proper breathing. Many might think that this type of activity … Dancing Through Life Read More » The post Dancing Through Life appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • She’s Got the Moves

    Jean Bailey, 102,  has been a fitness instructor for three years. She’s got the moves and enthusiastically guides others four times a week in seated aerobics. Her future plans? Jean says, “When I get old, I’ll quit.” Motivate and Move Jean started the exercise group in her independent living residence when Covid hit and everyone … She’s Got the Moves Read More » The post She’s Got the Moves appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

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