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100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractor in New City, NY 10956

The 100 Year Lifestyle

Enjoy these 100 Year Lifestyle chiropractic posts courtesy of New Life Family Chiropractic in New City, NY 10956

100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractic Essentials

  • Friendship Knows No Age

    Judy Gaman never thought she’d have a centenarian as a best friend. But as Judy found out, friendship knows no age. Lucille Fleming was just one of many centenarians Judy interviewed as part of her book, “Age to Perfection: How to Thrive to 100, Happy, Healthy, and Wise.” Yet, Lucille managed to immediately set herself … Friendship Knows No Age Read More » The post Friendship Knows No Age appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • I Love You

    “Our calls always end with ‘I love you,'” said Sam Goldstein. He’s sitting next to Violet Winter in his apartment as she smiles and nods. Sam Goldstein and Violet Winter have been dating for 3 years. They speak three or four or five times a day on the phone. Sam is 102 and Violet is … I Love You Read More » The post I Love You appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • American Red Cross’ Oldest Volunteer

    At age 101, Betty Grenig is the American Red Cross’ oldest and longest-serving volunteer. She has been serving the nonprofit for over 80 years across the nation and even overseas. Betty began volunteering in 1939. Her very patriotic mother encouraged her, then a 17-year-old high school student, to knit socks for soldiers in the Army. … American Red Cross’ Oldest Volunteer Read More » The post American Red Cross’ Oldest Volunteer appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • The Elders

    The Elders are an independent group of global leaders working together for peace, justice, and human rights. You may not heard of them collectively, but individually they are some of the most recognized and respected people in the world, including former president Jimmy Carter. While many Elders came from public service, they no longer hold … The Elders Read More » The post The Elders appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • Guiding Light

    Joe Smith, who just turned 100, has been working at the same firm for 57 years. His employer calls him the company’s guiding light. This boss has reaped the benefits of having a dedicated, sharp employee handling the finances of his various companies for a long time. Joe’s 100 Year Lifestyle has allowed him to … Guiding Light Read More » The post Guiding Light appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

100 Year Lifestyle Recipes

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